qualified secondary teacher, lecturer, tutor and education consultant specialising in science and maths…more

Tutoring: for secondary school students studying chemistry, biology, physics and maths to GCSE. I also tutor A level chemistry and biology. I have experience in helping students who might have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder or specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyspraxia. I am also experienced in helping students with anxiety, especially in maths, and have helped students to develop their confidence over time.

Books:  If you’re a medic or vet student and would like to buy my books on Receptor Binding Calculations or Pharmacokinetics Calculations try Heffers in Cambridge (only available in store not online). Alternatively go to books.

Education Consultancy: Curriculum development, teaching resource development, maths teaching within the sciences, connecting science researchers with education, online learning design and development … more

If you’d like to see my blog on teaching maths and science go to blog posts.