Talks and presentations

Pharmacology Talks:

  • 9th Dec 2021: Equality, diversity, and inclusion in pharmacology: Pharmacokinetics For All. EDIS Equality, Diversity, Inclusion in Science and Health Virtual Symposium 2021.
  • 30th June 2021: Towards a more inclusive pharmacology education: reducing the maths gap. IUPHAR Meeting: Future Proofing Pharmacology Education. Audio-visual recording available
  • 26th Mar 2014; 14th Jan 2013. Competitive and Non-competitive Antagonism for the British Pharmacological Society General and Advanced Receptor Theory Course.
  • 20th Dec 2012: Public Engagement in Pharmacology, British Pharmacological Society Winter Meeting, London.

Maths in Science talks:

  • 1st March 2022: “Helping your students use quantitative tools confidently with Biological Science”
  • 30th June 2021: “Towards a more inclusive pharmacology education: reducing the maths gap” at IUPHAR Meeting: Future Proofing Pharmacology Education. Abstract; link to recording.
  • 14th July 2016: “Weaving together biology and mathematics for pharmacokinetics education” at ECMTB2016 Nottingham (joint meeting of the European Society for Mathematical and Theoretical Biology and the Society for Mathematical Biology).
  • 8th July 2016: “Mathematical Skills in the Transition from School into Higher Education” at a meeting of the Royal Society of Biology “The New Context : Transition from Schools into Higher Education” at the University of Birmingham.
  • 14th December 2015: Western Sydney University. Getting Bioscientists to Love Maths.
  • 10th December 2015: An international perspective on biomaths education, comparing UK and US perspectives. Bioscience Education Australia Network, Canberra.
  • 14th April 2014: University of Sydney, Australia, Institute for Innovations in Maths and Science Education. An international perspective on biomaths education.
  • 24th March 2014: University of Bristol Education Excellence Series Teaching and Learning Maths within the Biosciences.
  • 17th Sept 2013: University of Leicester Pedagogical Research Group Teaching maths in biology
  • 10th Sept 2013:  CETL-Maths Stats and Operational Research meeting, Coventry University. Biomaths Education Network: a virtual community to bring biology and maths together with Dr Dawn Hawkins
  • 20th July 2012: The Mathematics Landscape within Bioscience UK Higher Education for Pearson Thinktank at the London Mathematical Society.
  • 28th June 2012: Co-organiser with Dr Dawn Hawkins of Biomaths Challenges, at the Nuffield Foundation, London.
  • 9th May 2012: Mathematics within Bioscience Degree Courses for HUBS (Heads of University Biosciences) at Chicheley Hall, England.
  • 12th Apr 2012: The Mathematics Landscape within Bioscience UK Higher Education, Higher Education Academy STEM Conference, Imperial College London.
  • 27th Mar 2012: The Mathematics Landscape within Bioscience UK Higher Education, Society for Experimental Biology Conference, London.

Training Workshops for Scientists:

  • 7th Oct 2013: Teaching Maths and Stats for Psychologists for the Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge.
  • 2nd Oct 2012: Career Anchors – for Cambridge AWISE “WISE-UP” series
  • 27th Sept 2012: Note-taking for Scientists and Maths and Stats for Biologists, Cambridge PREP course.

Outreach talks and debates:

  • 2nd July 2015: Water fleas workshop for Ridgefield Primary School Year 4.
  • 28th Oct 2013: Panel member for a Cambridge Festival of Ideas debate on: “Do we still need feminism?”
  • 6th Jul 2013: An Introduction to Pharmacology for the Girls Day School Trust Oxbridge Conference, Cambridge.
  • 20th June 2013: Maths in Medicine: an illustration of the ways in which mathematical models can be used in medicine, both clinically and in research. Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge.
  • 10th June 2013:  An introduction to pharmacology: where do our asthma medicines come from? Leys School Cambridge, lower sixth students.
  • 12th Dec 2011: An introduction to pharmacology Leys School Cambridge.
  • 2011-2014: Talks on A History of Asthma Medicines and Our Herbal Medicine Heritage for 16 Women’s Institutes throughout Cambridgeshire